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SLUGS by Shaun Hutson (1982)

“Ron Bell got through one verse Mull of Kintyre, then threw up.” That’s the opening sentence of Slugs, and it certainly sets the grimy tone, not just for the novel, but for the rest of Hutson’s career. Often derided as a poor … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of the Novelization pt 1

With typical bad timing, I’ve started a blog the week that a storm broke the windows in my flat and cracked the roof, so all the insightful and erudite posts I had planned have temporarily fallen by the wayside. So … Continue reading

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WALKERS by Graham Masterton (1989)

Graham Masterton is best known for his 1975 novel The Manitou, in which a tumour growing on a woman’s back turns out to be a mystical shaman or something. He also has a novel wherein, I believe, the DNA of the … Continue reading

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