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The Annual Shocktober Horrorthon

We’re almost there! It’s October tomorrow, which can only mean one thing* – it’s the beginning of my Annual Shocktober Horrorthon! That means 31 films in 31 days, all horror. It’s my sixth year of doing this, but my first … Continue reading

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The Forgotten King – THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 (1999, Katt Shea)

You and I have something in common, dear reader. We both love Stephen King. Don’t try and tell me otherwise, I won’t believe you. A lot of people love Stephen King, and that’s why we have so many movies. There’s … Continue reading

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GRIZZLY II: THE CONCERT (1983, André Szöts)

What…what just happened? Grizzly II: The Concert just happened, that’s what. Where to begin? Grizzly II was filmed in Hungary in 1983. It was never finished, for reasons that will quickly become apparent. For 25 years, it was a rumour, … Continue reading

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MESSIAH OF EVIL (1973, Willard Hyuck & Gloria Katz)

Messiah of Evil is the kind of surreal, low-key oddity that doesn’t really get made anymore. Thankfully, once upon a time (the 1970s to be exact), there were not only people making these films, but there was a market for … Continue reading

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SUDDENLY IN THE DARK (1981, Young Nam Ko)

South Korean cinema took the world by storm a few years ago. Films like Oldboy, Mother, Memories of Murder and The Host changed a lot of peoples perceptions of the country. After a long time lurking in the shadow of Japanese … Continue reading

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31 (2016, Rob Zombie)

As one of the 15 people that saw House of 1,000 Corpses on its original theatrical run, I’m proud to call myself a Rob Zombie fan. It’s not difficult for me to fall in love with his movies, because everything … Continue reading

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Scary Reading Music

Do you listen to music while you read? I asked that question on my Instagram ( a while back, and was surprised to learn that most people don’t. Generally, it was agreed that complete silence was the best condition to … Continue reading

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