4. Razorback (1984, Russell Mulcahy)

Razorback is nominally a film about a giant boar on the loose in the Australian outback, but it often feels more like a post-apocalyptic Mad Max movie, with weirdo punks driving around in armoured vehicles, and the Aussie desert transformed into a surreal hellscape.



It’s one of the best looking horror films of the 80s, directed with outrageous style by Russell Mulcahy (Highlander).


I just wish there was a bit more horror to it. As it is, it’s worth seeing for the visuals alone. Just don’t get me started on that awful synth-cello soundtrack…




5. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987, Bruce Pittman)

I had heard good things about Prom Night II.

But then, I hear a lot of things. It’s funny, I can remember a time when I would have probably lapped up this feeble rip-off of Nightmare on Elm Street and Carrie.

But now I just hate how utterly, utterly bland the whole vapid endeavour is. My tastes in horror have definitely changed over the years, and moved away from that 80s horror cheese that once seemed so appealing. I want ideas, originality, haunting imagery.

Just give me something!


This was honestly the only screenshot I took all movie, because there is nothing in this film worth looking at.

Move along please.


6. Phantasm: Ravager (2016, David Hartman)

Phantasm: Ravager is a difficult film to review. Less a conventional movie and more of a labour of love, it feels like a home movie shot on consumer level digital cameras.


Which is pretty much what it is. Made over several years for about the same budget as the original movie from 1979, Ravager is the gang getting back together for one last hurrah.

As such, this films is for Phans only, who will love Reggie Bannister’s great performance (he gets to play the guitar again!), enjoy the complex time travel narrative and overlook the pacing issues. Because who cares man, I never thought there’d be a part 5, I’m just glad it exists in any form.


And it would take a Phan with a heart of stone not to get emotional during the last few scenes.

Against all odds, they just about pull the whole thing off and make the ultimate fan film.

Let’s raise our glasses and toast the Tall Man, one last time.

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2 Responses to SHOCKTOBER HORRORTHON films 4-6

  1. lysette says:

    While I would happily see the new Phantasm, my partner hasn’t watched any of the franchise (god it’s weird to call it that but at five it certainly qualifies) and when he asked if we should see it in the theatre I took your advise here and suggested it wouldn’t be a good place for him to start. We ended up watching Hell or High Water and I wished I hadn’t taken your advice and went to Phantasm instead 😉 Razorback is an Aussie gem!


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