22. Story of Ricky (1991, Lam Ngai Kai)

Back in the 90s, I used to send off for catalogues of uncut horror tapes from ads in the back of magazines. Among the usual Texas Chainsaws, Dawn of the Deads and Argento movies, there was always Story of Ricky, or Riki-Oh.

It’s not strictly a horror film, but it deserved it’s place on those lists for one very good reason..


The violence. I don’t just mean it’s quite violent…


I mean it’s insanely violent.


No seriously, it can only really be described as ultra-violent.


The story is set in that mythical future world of, ummm, 2001.

Ricky arrives in prison for the crime of killing his girlfriend’s murderer, and proceeds to…well, beat the living shit out of everyone as part of some grand moral crusade.


It’s part prison movie, part kung fu flick, with elements of sci-fi and horror thrown in. It’s cheap, ugly and a whole lotta fun.


But don’t just take it from me, ask these guys –




23. Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby (1976, Sam O’Steen)

A TV movie sequel to one of the greatest horror films of all time? What could go wrong?

Very little, it turns out.

Trust me on this one.


Or don’t. It’s all subjective after all. I’ve recommended this film to several people over the years, all of whom have hated it. But they seem to miss the one thing about film that the original was lacking – it’s utterly batshit crazy.

Within the first 20 minutes, there has been a satanic ritual, Rosemary and her son Adrian’s escape to a synagogue, Adrien psychically attacking some bullies and then Rosemary getting abducted by a driverless ghost bus.

A. Driverless. Ghost. Bus.


You want more? You got it.

How about the greatest scene in all of 70s horror? (Remember now, I said this was subjective…!)


Adrien has grown up into the handsomely odd looking Stephen McHattie. For his birthday, his family drugs him and performs another ritual (those satanists love a ritual) to test how evil he is or something.

It’s not working.

Then, downstairs, a psychedelic fuzz rock band starts playing.


Adrien is drawn to the music. The son of Satan makes his way downstairs and boogies his way onto the stage, where he starts flapping his arms and strutting about like Mick Jagger.


The strobe light kicks in, revealing the other face on the back of Adrien’s head…


Meanwhile, outside, his god loving friend is murdered by electrocution, forming a perfect crucifix pose as he dies.


This madness is only onscreen for about 5 minutes, but it’s worth watching the whole film for. I guarantee that for those 5 minutes, you’ll be like –



24. Tales From The Crypt (1972, Freddie Francis)

At least half of Tales From The Crypt is some of the very best of British horror, and the rest ain’t bad either.


The best film from horror anthology specialists and Hammer rivals Amicus, the film opens with it’s best segment, wherein Joan Collins is menaced by Santa. Well, an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa, but you get the drift. A ton of suspense packed into a tight 15 minute runtime, this near wordless section is worth the price of admission alone.


The other classic storyline follows the attempts by a group of rich assholes to drive an old man to sell his house, which they regard as ‘spoiling the neighbourhood. Peter Cushing has rarely been better as poor old Mr Grimsdyke, but rest assured, this is Tales From The Crypt we’re talking about.

He’ll get his revenge.


The rest of the tales are good fun, not a duffer amongst them. The last one runs a bit long, but that’s okay, the payoff is the nastiest part of the whole film.


One of my favourite British chillers, and a high recommendation.


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2 Responses to SHOCKTOBER HORRORTHON films 22 – 24

  1. lysette says:

    I love Amicus! They put out really good looking gothic films. I almost didn’t want to read your recap of Look What Happened to Rosemary’s Baby afraid, having not seen it, to spoil it but sounds like my kind of a movie! I’m sure to be one of the people you recommend it to that loves it. Riki-O stands the test of time for being balls to the walls, when he chokes Riki out with his intestines, it’s so nuts! Glad you used the exploding head screen shot.


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