2016 Horror Catch Up pt 2


Yoga Hosers (2016, Kevin Smith)

If Tusk tried your patience, then prepare yourself the forced wackiness of Kevin (Clerks, Chasing Amy) Smith’s desperate Yoga Hosers.

Smith’s own daughter stars alongside Johnny Depp’s daughter as two bored millennials who find themselves under attack from – big sigh – Nazi sausages.


It’s a cataclysmic shitstorm of feeble gags and Canadian stereotypes (drinking game – take a shot everytime someone says ABOOT or EH until you die from liver poisoning) that is only just made bearable by the likeable teen leads, who thankfully have not inherited the overbearing smugness of their fathers.


The whole thing ends with the girls, along with Johnny Depp covered in prosthetic warts, fighting a giant sausage hockey player in a 60s Batman parody while a punk rock version of Knick Knack Paddy Whack plays.

Come back Tusk, all is forgiven!


The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016, André Øvredal)

Maybe if we all close our eyes and wish real hard, we can forget about Kevin Smith and enjoy Norwegian director André Øvredal’s English language follow-up to Trollhunter, The Autopsy of Jane Doe.


There’s high suspense and body horror hi-jinx aplenty in this simple, contained story about a father and son performing an autopsy…THAT GOES HORRIBLY AWRY. Oh come on, like you thought it was going to go well.


To say anymore would be to spoil the surprises in store. Let’s just say that next time you hear the tinkling of a tiny bell, you’re gonna break out in a cold sweat.



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5 Responses to 2016 Horror Catch Up pt 2

  1. B.L. Daniels says:

    Man, Kevin Smith, WHAT HAPPENED? I only barely tolerated Tusk. And honestly, I know “Red State” has its audience, but I didn’t care much for that either. I’m thinking at this point he should stick to podcasting and late night reality shows on AMC.

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  2. lysette says:

    Ahhh I can’t wait to see The Autopsy of Jane Doe – I loved Trollhunter! As a Canadian it’s difficult to grasp the humor behind tired tropes like our language when they’re all based off central eastern dialects, out west we don’t say aboot or ruff… though ‘eh’ does universally punctuate the end of every sentence and when I catch my self saying ‘Caaaaar’ I do feel particularly patriotic… the title still peaks my interest but then again I might just re-watch Strange Brew for the thousandth time.


    • It’s funny, to me ‘eh’ is quintessentially Scottish! I say it constantly, for either ‘do you agree’ or ‘what did you just say’. I’m working on a Cronenberg piece for February. Have you read Calumn Vaedtnel’s (spelt from memory, probably wrong) fantastic book on Canadian horror, They Came From Within?


      • lysette says:

        I definitely think ‘eh’ is our Scottish roots showing. I haven’t read Vaedtnel’s book, never see it around but I will look harder for it, thanks!


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