The Video Nasties #5 – Love Camp 7 (1969, RL Frost)


‘I cannot guarantee that you will love Love Camp 7. 

But I can guarantee that you will love IN Love Camp 7.’

I’m writing this blog for one simple reason – I love horror films. Zombie films, slasher films, ghost stories, I can find enjoyment in any horror sub-genre. However, the Nasties list was not exclusively comprised of horror, no sir, not at all.

Which brings us to Love Camp 7, the second entry on the list for exploitation producer David F Friedman (after Blood Feast, in case you’ve forgotten already). Love Camp 7 is part of a small and regrettable sub-genre of Nazi sexploitation films, which were popularised by the Italian film industry in the 70s. Yeah, sadly there’s more of this to come later on. But what of Love Camp 7 itself?


Well, it tells the tale of two young female American spies who are sent under cover to a Nazi sex slave camp during World War II to gather intel from a prisoner who is being kept there. And that is pretty much it for the plot.


If you look at IMDB, the first user review I found merrily proclaimed, ‘For those who prefer movies that degrade women and have an overflow of rape, nudity and violence, then this is the movie for you!’ And it’s true. This flick exists solely to disrobe, demean and degrade its female stars. But what is most surprising is just how relentlessly downbeat, ugly and depressing the sex scenes are. If you are someone who gets off on watching fat, sweaty old men squeezing the breasts of unhappy looking actresses in poorly lit rooms while the camera tilts at a ninety degree angle, then Love Camp 7 is your spirit animal.


In an uncomfortable casting choice, exploitation producer Bob Cresse, who wrote the film, stars as the Commandant. Credit where it’s due, he really throws himself into the role of a leering, perverted creep (probably not too much of a stretch) and he seems to be one of the only actors who has memorised his lines and is not just reading them off a cue card.


It’s not all doom and gloom though. There’s a hysterical sequence where the girls are hosed down and threatened with a dog, who seems far more interested in playing with the water from the hose, ignoring the girls completely while they cower in terror from the playful beast. But campy moments like this are few and far between.


The rest is pretty excruciating to watch, and it’s clear why Love Camp 7 found it’s way onto the DPP list. The subject matter alone would have been enough, but the near constant parade of rape and humiliation seals the deal. I honestly don’t think I can put it any better than the tagline on the VHS cover, which calls the film ‘A Place of Total Despair’.

Has there ever been a truer word spoken?

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