The Video Nasties #47 – Blood Lust (1977, Marijan Vajda)


‘A regular 20th Century vampire, and us flying to the moon and all.’

There are some Nasties that I can barely fathom how they made the list – The Funhouse, Suicide Cult and Night of the Living Dead are so innocuous, even in 1983. Then there are films like Bloodlust, which opens with a scene of child abuse so uncomfortable, it’s a wonder it got a release anywhere. If this had been released in the UK under its original title it almost certainly would have been prosecuted. That title?

Mosquito the Rapist.


Werner Pochath, best known to me for his villainous role in the Brandon Lee crapfest Laser Mission, plays an unnamed deaf-mute with some serious sexual hang ups. Having witnessed his sister being abused by their father, he spends his evenings sneaking into funeral parlours and defiling corpses, which somehow takes up the bulk of the film. He slices their breasts, pulls out eyeballs and cuts off heads, before sucking out their blood with a strange forked straw.

And that’s about it.


Bloodlust is so lacking in dialogue it could often pass for a silent movie. Pochath rides around town on his scooter, gets bullied at work and then messes with bodies. He occasionally goes to a hooker, but gets kicked out when he just wants to cuddle.


German provocateur Jörg Buttgereit has called this a big influence on his own necrophilia shocker Nekromantik, and both films share a similarly depressing arthouse style. Nekromantik still delivers on the horror and entertainment though, while Bloodlust just kind of wallows around in depravity for a while until you lose all interest. I’m not exactly the kind of guy who’s big on story, but I want a little bit more than we get here. It’s not as if I’m being constantly dazzled by stunning imagery or anything, and the Swiss setting is totally under-utilised. The actors give decent performances, but since when has that been enough to enliven an unpleasantly dull movie?

God, the mid to late 70s were a particularly grim period for films on the Nasties list.

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