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Worst censorship ever?

You know how sometimes an old memory just pops into your head apropos of nothing? It recently happened to me regarding perhaps the lamest, most pathetic piece of horror movie censorship in UK history. First of all, take a look … Continue reading

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Bloody Muscle Bodybuilder in Hell + my Home Video Horrors

Bloody Muscle Bodybuilder From Hell is a 62 minute, shot on 8mm Japanese remake of The Evil Dead trilogy that has inexplicably found its way onto DVD here in the UK. It’s bonkers, a lovingly crafted homage to 80s splatter comedies … Continue reading

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Horror Holidays and Movie Locations

I love visiting horror movie locations, guys. There’s just something about walking in the footsteps of Dario Argento, Jess Franco etc that I get a real kick out of. It all started innocently enough. My now-fianceé Heather and I were … Continue reading

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Rings and the sad state of studio horror

Rings, the latest US entry in the Ring franchise, made me wonder why I even bother going to see modern studio horror films anymore. Sadly, I’m not joking. It’s not even as if Rings is a terrible movie, because it’s … Continue reading

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Scary Reading Music

Do you listen to music while you read? I asked that question on my Instagram ( a while back, and was surprised to learn that most people don’t. Generally, it was agreed that complete silence was the best condition to … Continue reading

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The Thrill of the Chase: Bootleg horror in the 1990s

Kids these days eh, with their internets and their torrents. The whole world at their grubby little fingertips. You want to see Suspiria? No problem, just hop on Pirate Bay and download it. Oh, you want Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood? … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of the Novelization pt 1

With typical bad timing, I’ve started a blog the week that a storm broke the windows in my flat and cracked the roof, so all the insightful and erudite posts I had planned have temporarily fallen by the wayside. So … Continue reading

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