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7. The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman (1971, León Klimovsky) Before Batman vs Superman, before Alien vs Predator, before all that garbage, Spanish horror movie legend Paul Naschy gave us the classic monster mash up of WEREWOLF against VAMPIRE WOMAN. … Continue reading

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CONSUMED by David Cronenberg (2014)

In David Cronenberg’s impossible to summarise debut novel, we follow the bizarre misadventures of a pair of journalist lovers on the trail of a French philosopher who murdered and ate his wife. Ha, you say! That was not impossible to … Continue reading

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THE SCARLET GOSPELS by Clive Barker (2015)

I’d like this blog to be a positive place, where we can celebrate horror in it’s many forms. I take no pleasure in deriding a piece of work, and certainly do not enjoy knocking a master of the art. What … Continue reading

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