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Interview – Cameron Roubique, author of Kill River

I first became aware of Cameron Roubique last year. Someone on Twitter had posted the eye-catching cover of Kill River, with its doomed swimwear-clad teens floating into the mouth of a giant, leering skull. I had to have it, and … Continue reading

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Worst censorship ever?

You know how sometimes an old memory just pops into your head apropos of nothing? It recently happened to me regarding perhaps the lamest, most pathetic piece of horror movie censorship in UK history. First of all, take a look … Continue reading

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My Home Video Horrors – Scottish Ninja 9: The Unholy Dead

It’s hard to overstate the impact Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead had on me. Seeing that for first time on a heavily cut VHS put out by a cheapo label in the early 90s, the screen flickering between colour and … Continue reading

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Cannibal Holocaust 2: The Beginning (Bruno Mattei, 2004)

Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust (1980) is one of the most divisive films in the history of horror. The lurid mixture of sensational screen violence and real life animal cruelty creates a pungent masterpiece that is both reprehensible and astonishing, disturbing and … Continue reading

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Horror Holidays and Movie Locations

I love visiting horror movie locations, guys. There’s just something about walking in the footsteps of Dario Argento, Jess Franco etc that I get a real kick out of. It all started innocently enough. My now-fianceé Heather and I were … Continue reading

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